Residential Energy Modeler Exam


Before taking this exam you will need to have completed all four required courses:

  1. Building Geometry for Energy Modeling
  2. Building Science for Energy Modeling and Field Inspection
  3. From Blueprints to Residential Energy Code Compliance
  4. EnergyGauge Pro Hands-On

This exam will test your ability to create a proposed residential rating in Energy Gauge USA software based on a provided set of building plans and specifications. Passing this exam is the final step in becoming an FSEC Certified Residential Energy Modeler typically taken after completing FSEC’s four course Energy Modeler series. Successful completion also earns rater candidates one of the five required probationary ratings needed to become a fully certified Rater.

Note: if you do not pass the exam, you may retake it after a week, but each attempt will cost an additional $50.

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