Residential HVAC Design – 8 Course Series


The goals of this 8 course series, upon satisfactory completion, are to have the student:

  • Understand the overall HVAC design process
  • Be able to accurately build a 3D model of a house
  • Be able to accurately calculate the heating and cooling loads
  • Be able to accurately select heating and cooling equipment
  • Be able to layout an appropriate duct system for the home
  • Be able to accurately size ducts for the proper airflow
  • Be able to generate a detailed layout and reports to describe the design

The target audience for this course series is anyone desiring to learn how to do design heating and cooling systems for residential dwellings, whether new or existing.

  • The design can be just load calculations and equipment sizing, or it can be a complete system, including ducts.
  • HVAC design knowledge and software can also be an excellent tool for diagnosing comfort problems in homes.
  • This course is intended to teach someone how to use a specific software program, EnergyGauge USA ResSizePro with Kwik Model 3D, to design residential HVAC systems, specifically using ACCA Manuals J/S/D methodologies.
  • Students are expected to have a certain amount of HVAC knowledge and experience prior to taking this course series to get the most out of it. This is detailed in the first course.

This course series was developed by CalCerts under contract to UCF.

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