RESNET HERS Modeler Probationary File 2


As part of the RESNET Standard a “probationary HERS modeler” must have at least (2) probationary files evaluated prior to certification.  At this time the candidate will not perform any HERS Modeler work until he/she is certified.   Certification occurs after the two probationary files are completed and graded with a passing score and you have made application for certification.

Purchasing this allows you to upload one Probationary File.  A Probationary File consists of:

  • A complete set of blueprints as a PDF
    • Plans must include a floor plan, all elevations, sectional and a builder’s specification sheet
    • Plans must be a minimum of 1500 SF
    • One of the two probationary ratings needs to be a two-story home
    • Must be independent of files already being uploaded by any production builder that the candidate is working with
  • The corresponding EnergyGauge .enb file
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